Industry Leading Safety Systems

National Product Solutions Ltd supply and install a range of industry leading GKD Techniks safety system products. These assist operatives to use machinery safely, particularly in restricted areas, and within the safe capabilities of the equipment itself. The railway and construction environments contain multiple risks to the workforce, machinery and surrounding infrastructure. Risk management and safety can be improved massively by operating safety system products.

GDK Slew Limiter

Working in confined spaces with RRV’s and heavy plant machinery is hazardous and requires careful skill and judgement. Having a GDK Slew Limiter for excavators fitted allows the left and right slew parameters to be set to ensure that the operator keeps within the safe turning limits to keep workers, infrastructure and equipment safe.

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GDK Height Limiter

The rail maintenance and renewal industry pose many dangers and complications to personnel, plant machinery, and the rail infrastructure itself. GDK Height Limiters for excavators provide the parameters for safe working when faced with overhead obstacles such as gantries, bridges, roofs, and overhead power lines.

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Rated Capacity Indicator

The 2RCI rated capacity indicator is designed for the construction and utility maintenance industries and is universally installed on all types of machines. The benefits of this apparatus is that it has multiple functions to control digging depth, height limitation, slew limiting, and is compatible with EN13000 crane standards. Highly adaptive, it has the capability to give accurate digging depth indications to assists in the moving and placing of items.

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Sensor Safe

GKD’s new Sensor Height & Slew product line offers the ability to monitor and control height, or slew, or a combination of both. The in-cab monitor is easy to programme and offers a real-time view of height and slew. It tracks the machines movements and an external audio alarm is activated upon reaching the limits. This system also offers an optional intelligent motion cut to stop any dangerous infringement.

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