PUWER Inspections from National Plant Solutions

A PUWER inspection must be carried out to satisfy the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 as defined by the Health and Safety Executive. Dealing with the work equipment and machinery used every day in workplaces, the regulations aim to keep people safe wherever equipment and machinery is used at work. PUWER inspections check that machinery is suitable for its intended purpose, regularly maintained to ensure safety and only deployed and operated by people who have received adequate training.

Who Does a PUWER Inspection Apply to?

If you are an employer, self employed with your own machinery, or with equipment under your control, or if you are employed to manage or supervise machinery, you will need to arrange a PUWER inspection. Within the rail and construction industries this covers a broad range of machinery including RRV’s, excavators, bulldozers, dump trucks and more. In utilising the extensive knowledge and experience of National Plant Solutions Ltd you will get a thorough assessment and benefit from digital processing to ensure a quick turnaround of documentation and certificates.

When is a PUWER Inspection Required?

The frequency of PUWER inspections is down to the employer’s discretion. Each piece of equipment should be regularly checked however to ensure that it remains safe to use. Inspections are also required:

  • Following the initial installation and before the first use
  • After reassembly at any new site or location
  • When equipment is exposed to conditions which can cause deterioration
  • Following any significant events/ changes e.g. modifications, damage or accident

Arrange a PUWER Inspection with National Plant Solutions

To ensure that the machinery and plant equipment used within the rail and construction industries meet safe operational standards, call upon the expertise of National Plant Solutions. We deliver independent and comprehensive PUWER Inspections so that your organisation runs with full compliance. To arrange your PUWER Inspection, contact us today.