SensorSafe Height & Slew Limiter

SensorSafe Height & Slew Limiter

Product Information

Operating heavy plant machinery for excavating and lifting within confined spaces requires an extra pair of eyes to avoid unwanted collisions and keep site safety at the forefront of operations. The SensorSafe range from GKD Technologies offers a highly advanced sensor and warning system to operatives protecting life and business assets during the process construction and maintenance.

In order to keep a project on track, multiple processes are carried out simultaneously, with a cross over of personnel, machinery and vehicles.

How Does it Work?

Amongst many benefits of the system, height and slew is tracked in real-time on the in-cab display monitor. The machine operator is notified when approaching and breaching a set limit. External audio alarms are activated when reaching the limit. An optional intelligent motion-cut facility prevents breaches and violations allowing only safe movement.

SensorSafe Height & Slew Meters can be fully installed and set up by National Plant Solutions.

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