Height Meters

Height Meters

Product Information

The rail maintenance and renewal industry poses many dangers and complications to personnel, plant machinery, and the rail infrastructure itself. Height meters provide the parameters for safe operation.

Installed and set up by National Plant Solutions Ltd.

A pre-set limit of the machines boom can be set by the operative. Movement of the boom is prevented outside of the pre-set limit when the angle is exceeded.
Greater accuracy and risk management is achieved through the gravity referenced angle sensor instead of a sensor referenced against the machine body. This means that height limits are maintained accurately even when the machine is tilted or operating on an incline.
The system

The 1HLI has been developed for use in the construction and utility maintenance industries. Suitable for a range of excavators, wheel and backhoe loaders, telehandlers and other articulated plant machinery working in restricted areas.

1HLI-R is an adaptation of the 1HLI and is suitable for road rail applications within the railway maintenance and renewal industries. Here, operations are vulnerable to the danger of live overhead wires and other site specific hazards when working in confined spaces. This system delivers dual redundancy by identifying any mismatch between its two sensors, increasing reliability and improving safety.

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