2RCI - Rated Capacity Indicator

2RCI – Rated Capacity Indicator

Product Information

The 2RCI aids operators of hydraulic backhoe 360° excavators, articulated boom, long reach, mini excavator and backhoe loaders. Being compatible with EN13000 crane standards, it satisfies the regulations regarding the use of excavators as a crane, and those with additional forks and jibs attached.

How Does it Work?

A highly adaptive and useful piece of equipment, it has the capability to give accurate load on hook indication with an overload alarm to prevent over lifting and tipping of the machine. It also has capability for slew and height limitation. With plant machinery and construction materials holding great value and the importance of Health & Safety on site being paramount. The 2 RCI provides the operator with an easy read graphical interface while built into the system is on-screen help to provide support through up to 16 slew operations.

The 2RCI – Rated Capacity Indicator can be fully installed and set up by National Plant Solutions.

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